to Asphyxiate, to Bind and Gag, to Blackmail, to Drug, to Prostitute, to Push to Suicide, to Rape, to Seduce, to Slander, to Spy Upon, to Stab, to Strangle, to Threaten with a Revolver

Ext. Dacha. A Russian Country Estate in Disrepair. Dusk.

It’s late. A dog is dead in the street.

         Shadows fuss about on the lawn.

Children tickle themselves and fall to the ground:

         injury, puberty, or battle-fatigue.

A man in his late twenties – seventies on a bad

         hair day – haggard/beleaguered/camouflaged

         (any race, but preferably French)

         wants to know if anyone has ever arranged instructions

                     in alphabetical order for how to write poems. 

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