now I believe what they say is true
absence makes the heart grow fondue

ask me why I am here & also not
here & I will tell you:

a cheesy layering
a residue
I will tell you

someone has let
the diver’s bell drop
deep inside of me, to imitate

the way they film the bottom of the sea
& see what happens:

‘do you have any idea
what that feels like?’

I will tell you,
it feels like a waterfall trying to fit into a pipe

a cyclist who forgets to finish a race
       a sound like water a train like thistle

yes, yes you’ll say, all this
& the fact that party foods
are nearly always better
than the parties themselves

*The title of this poem is an oblique reference to the act of cunnilingus from the perspective of a female. In fact, so is the rest of the poem I decided. Therefore, a better title might be:

‘I can trace an ampersand with my tongue’. Think about it.

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