Suzy’s Wishes

The man claimed to sell bumper stickers for a living. I admit I was skeptical, assuming he was deranged. That was before we walked into his apartment, saw his walls stuccoed with quirky phrases: All the warmed over witticisms fit to print – or in this case, plastic. Suzy was the first to notice the wall of erotica; and as a sort of superstition, we bought the first sticker that we saw (Suzy’s wishes). Written on the sticker was the phrase “I’M A PROFESSIONAL MASTURBATOR”. It was printed in bold typeface script, the font was Bleeding Cowboy. On our way out the door, Suzy said: “I’m going to tape it above the headboard in the bedroom!” And then she added, lowering her voice to a register more suited to the ominous relish she wished to convey: “Read it and weep.”

Suzie's Wishes

#Typewriter poem (topic requested by a stranger was: Perversity)

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