There is a legend, or story, that Samuel Johnson once had an argument with a bookseller and felled him with a blow, not with a cane but with a book, a folio volume, which makes the anecdote more literary and also testifies to Johnson’s great physical strength, for such manuscripts are difficult to handle, especially in the middle of a fight.

~Professor Jorge Luis Borges

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  1. Dear Moneta,
    idly it was that i found myself gazing once again at the Litseen page in hopes of who knows what. my despair was fair to medium that day, and what do i see as i scroll down, with hope fast leaving the tiny territory it occupies on my person. why none other than your fair face at slam poetry/QL etc. naturally mine spirit, it did lift, and so (as you must have guessed) i went forth and pressed the arrow. it was a pleasure past description to hear the dedication of your latest marvel, and a surprise beyond surprise, proving something ineffable in regard to life and time that i will leave up to your illustrious pen to describe, hint at, or satirize . in plain english, and in truth, i was touched. you may have gone on later to slice and dice me some, but your blade is of a revitalizing nature. wildly, i’d been placing you in a paragraph of my own making, which i shall forthwith carve into a rock, a trusty hairpin or toothpick at my side.
    bless and thank you ol’ son

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